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"Finally, the Cocky, Foul-Mouthed Indian Legend Opens Up About His Strategies and Techniques to Attract Hot Indian Girls"

For $9.95, I will change your life forever and show you how to attract hot Indian girls.  For 5 British Pounds, 425 Indian Rupees, 6.4 Euros or 10.15 Canadian Dollars, you can stop being a loser.  For the cost of a meal at McDonald's you can change your life forever.  If you can't spend this much to change your life, you deserve to be a loser so just leave my website and don't ever come back.  If you want to change your life, I GUARANTEE my strategies to get Hot Indian Girls will work for you. If after buying my eBook, you are not getting Hot Indian Girls after trying my strategies for 3 months, I will personally help. This is how confident I am that my strategies will work. With this GUARANTEE, you have nothing to lose. And only Hot Indian Girls to gain...It's time to change your life.

From:  The Indian Legend

Dear Loser,

First things first...

In case you're not too smart, IWAHIG stands for "I Want a Hot Indian Girl".  And you're life may change as a result of stumbling upon this website.  But before we get into how your life may change, let's get a few things straight.  I'm not trying to be your friend, your life-coach or your buddy.  I'm ridiculously happy.  I'm obnoxious.  I'm cocky.  Simply stated, I am the man.  I am known as The Indian Legend. 

I am known as The Indian Legend because I've gone out with the world's hottest Indian girls.  When I say go out, I'm talking about everything from dating and relationships to one-night stands, hookups and flings. 

And beyond the great times and stories I have (and I have thousands), do you know the other benefit of being seen with hot Indian girls?  When other people see you with such a woman, they assume you are smarter, more successful and have a better personality than you actually may have.  And as a result, I'm not just above average, but in the eyes of the world, I am in the top 0.00001% of people out there.  The benefits to going out with hot Indian girls are huge.

Let me clarify one thing when I say my girlfriends have been hot.  I'm not exaggerating when I say this.  These girls are ridiculously beautiful, exotic, etc.   These are not the kind of girls who look nice in certain types of light or if they dress up or only with lots of makeup or who are "pretty in a different kind of way".  These are the kind girls that would have fools like you drooling even if you saw any one of them on their worst day.  Most of you idiots reading this would give your right arm for a hug from any of the hot Indian girls I've had a relationship with but tough luck.  Most of them wouldn't even look at you because they're wrapped around my finger. 

So if you are still not sure of the advantages of having a hot Indian girl, you should leave this site now because you are simply an idiot and beyond hope.  I'd rather you just left my site now and didn't waste my time.  In short, having a hot Indian girlfriend is tremendous.   And believe me, for this reason, you want to be like me - you want the ability to attract and date hot Indian women. 

Sadly, however, given your pathetic ways and methods, you haven't gotten one and that is why you are here.  Whether you want a hot Indian girl for a relationship, marriage, a casual fling, etc, I don't care.  I am not making moral judgments about why you want one because what you do is completely irrelevant to me.  In the end, it boils down to the fact that you want a hot Indian girl, and this is where I can help.

So who the hell am I?

I am the guy you see at a restaurant with his hot Indian girlfriend and you turn to your other loser guy friends and say "How did that guy end up with her?"  And you know what, part of me loves the stares and chatter and a bigger part of me doesn't care one bit.  I've lived the life having a great time with hot Indian women while you guys sit around wondering how and why girls don't want a "nice guy" like you.  And so you and your loser buddies hang out every night or surf the internet while I'm doing things you only dream of. 

So let me tell you a little secret about myself.  I used to think like a loser too at one point.  Actually, like you are today, I used to be a bit of a loser.  And honestly, most of you will remain losers because you will do nothing to change yourselves to ultimately get the hot Indian girl.  You'll just whine like little schoolchildren and blame your lack of success on everyone and everything else.  Unlike you, I did something about it. 

Nearly 10 years ago, I got sick of wanting hot Indian girls but never getting them so I decided I was going to change things.

Why am I here?

I'm not here to save pitiful, whiney guys from a life of rejection and ugly Indian girls.  I'm here to show those of you who are motivated EXACTLY how you can get a hot Indian girl or girls for those of you with some ambition. 

My friends used to and continue to watch me in amazement as I talk to, date and sleep with hot Indian girls (they don't watch that part).  As a result, they dubbed me "The Indian Legend".  I've developed these strategies and techniques over 10 years and I've put them together so pathetic guys like you can have a shot at having the life I have.  These strategies and techniques have been discovered, practiced and perfected me over time as methods specifically suited to target hot Indian girls.  I am the one and only Indian Legend and while I appreciate all types of women, I only go for hot Indian girls.  I don't know what it is, but that's what I like and so I've developed strategies specifically focused on hot Indian girls.

Recent I want a hot Indian Girl Comment

"I was extremely skeptical when I first came across the I Want a Hot Indian Girl website, but I also thought this could change my life so why not? I learned the Legend's strategies and practiced them religously, and within three months after purchasing The Indian Legend's strategies, I have dated and done a whole lot more with some of the hottest Indian women I've ever met"

- Neil M., Austin TX

I have proven strategies that will get you results.  You pay money for dinners, drinks, online dating site memberships and what do you have to show for it?  Probably nothing or maybe some female ‘friends' that you hang out with that you hope you might get lucky with at some point.  I can show you how to make each of those avenues you use to meet girls more productive and useful.

What I will show you will ensure that your efforts are the most efficient and will also break the loser cycle you are caught in.  For those who remain cynical, I'd really suggest you leave my site and don't waste my time reading this.  When I say proven strategies, I'm talking about a proven process and method that I've crafted and perfected over ten years and which I continue to enhance and build upon even today.  And it has resulted in me being with (in many capacities and positions) hundreds of beautiful Indian women.  And after having loads of fun, collecting some great stories, doing some crazy ridiculous things and laughing a whole lot, I realized that many of you (or at least the motivated amongst you) could benefit from these strategies and that is what I'm sharing. 

These strategies can work for anyone and everyone

I don't care if you are an Indian guy or a white guy with a thing for hot Indian girls or a green guy from another planet who has also been smitten by hot Indian women.  If you like hot Indian women, these strategies and techniques if practiced and perfected will work.  And if you are in the USA, India, the UK, Canada, Australia, Tanzania or even on a remote Island in the South Pacific, as long as there are hot Indian girls there, you'll be in good shape. 

Maybe some of you have even tried to read some book on getting girls.  Remember, the ONLY way these people make any money is by selling their overpriced books and CDs full of mainstream ideas that have been recycled into hundreds of books   These people are CORPORATIONS. They are not trying to help you. They have no "secrets". It's the same information over and over again, repackaged differently by new "authors" every year. These guys send you books with hundreds of pages. They may even send you DVD's and audio tapes with another 10 hours of material to review.  Given your loser life, you probably do have time to waste but why waste time and money when you don't have to?

And on top of that, none of these "masters" understand hot Indian women.  The Indian woman is a special type of women and you need to understand what makes her tick to be successful.  I've spent all my time figuring out how to attract hot Indian women.

Recent I Want a Hot Indian Girl Comment

"I'm a white guy who has always had a thing for Indian Girls. And it was tough honestly to make progress with them. I bought the I Want a Hot Indian Girl program hoping for the best but was pretty skeptical to be honest. Quite, honestly, I thought The Indian Legend sounded like a jerk but after practicing his strategies, all I can say is WOW! They work and have been nothing short of awesome. Now, I'm not only meeting Indian women but very gorgeous ones. Life is great. Cheers."

Kevin G., Brighton, UK

So if you want to spend a lot of money and time on useless psychological mumbo jumbo, there is plenty of other stuff out there for you to waste your time and money on.  Good luck with those.  And oh yeah, first things first - leave my site now.  That X in the top right of your browser - please go click it and go away.   

You're wondering about what have I done to land hot Indian girl after hot Indian girl?  I basically came up with many amazingly effective strategies and techniques for getting hot Indian girls interested in me.  Let me say that again in terms you might understand - These are strategies to get hot Indian girls interested in YOU.  I got sick of hot Indian girls having all the power and so I changed things after I developed and perfected these strategies.  I ultimately converted this interest into some temporary fun, relationships or whatever - it was my choice how things unfolded.  And you can make the same choice too.  Some of these strategies are actually so ingenious, I feel smarter after coming up with them.  But they weren't easy.  Going from loser to winner is not something that happens overnight.  I had to work on it and you will to.  The main advantage you have is that you can start with a base of knowledge which I would have killed to have.

I can say with the utmost confidence that when I show you my strategies and you try them, you will be angry that you hadn't found me earlier.  But that anger will quickly turn to joy and excitement about the unlimited possibilities that have just opened up for your meet hot Indian girls.  For beginners, these techniques will put you years ahead of where you are - lonely and pathetic on countless nights.  I've been doing this for 10 years, and all I know how to do is get hot Indian girls.  I've hooked up with, dated many amazingly hot Indian girls along the way using these strategies - girls that turn heads and get people talking about me.

Recent I Want a Hot Indian Girl

"The Indian Legend's program is very straightforward; and I think that whether you are short, tall or chunky or thin, his strategies work. I thought of myself as a very average guy, and I took the Legend's strategies to heart and started meeting hot Indian girls very quickly. I am out all the time with new friends and dating some very beautiful Indian girls. All thanks to the Indian Legend."

Gaurav S., New Delhi, India


Why I'm willing to help a loser like you

I know what you are thinking...why would I reveal my strategies?   There are three reasons why I can confidently reveal my strategies to you at this time. 

  • First, I actually enjoy helping LOSERS like you.  I get a lot of satisfaction in taking people from loser to hero.  When some moron sends me his before and after picture where he with a hot Indian girl or girls after going through my program I feel like I've done my job.
  • Second, I've already done everything and anything.  It truly is ridiculous how quickly I can spot and attract the hot Indian girl(s). 
  • Third, I don't have to worry about creating competition for myself because I'm truly in another league.  Plus, there are millions of hot Indian women.  Even if some of you approach me in your level of skill, there are plenty of hot Indian women for all of us.  That said, I doubt you'll ever get as good as me, but if you do, I applaud you.

So What am I Offering You?

I'm offering you the EXACT SAME strategies I have created, used and perfected to meet the hottest Indian girls for the last several years. I've taught some of my friends these strategies and besides forever being indebted to me, their lives are forever changed.  These are the same strategies they are using to meet girlfriends, flings, special friends or wives.  Unlike those so-called gurus or websites I spoke about before, I'm not going to overwhelm you with pages and pages of cookie-cutter relationship mumbo jumbo that makes my product look large and worthwhile and ultimately usless. If you are looking for an expensive, ineffective way to meet women, buy their stuff. If you want to start meeting hot Indian women and having more fun than you can imagine, my strategies are the only thing worth considering. 

In my program, I cut to the chase and get right to my prime strategies - those that you can begin using immediately. If, after you practice my strategies enough, you cannot meet several hot Indian girls every month with these techniques, I seriously think you have problems ....SERIOUS MENTAL or PHYSICAL PROBLEMS or likely both. Even a lazy, average looking jerk like me did it.   It doesn't matter if you are trying to meeting Indian girls in
India, the USA, the UK, Canada or Zimbabwe.  These strategies are proven to work on Indian girls anywhere and everywhere.

Face it....if you want a hot Indian girl, this is your chance. Think about your current situation. Are you satisfied being a total loser? If yes, move on. If not, order my program NOW. It's as simple as that. I'm not going to beg you to order, because the fact is, you need me more than I need you. I've already gotten the hot Indian girls. You don't.

What the Indian Legend's eBook covers

Here is just some of what the book will cover with examples and easy to understand plain English:

  • The One Trait You MUST Have (Or Get If You Don't Have It)
  • Five Proven Ways to Project Confidence
  • How to Stop Thinking Like a Loser
  • Ways to Serve to Get the Conversation Going including:
    • The Easy Serve
    • The Spin Serve
    • The Ace
  • How to Turn the Tables Using the Spinsult
  • Keeping the Conversation Going Using the Volley
  • The Secret Weapon You Have (It Has Nothing to Do With What You Say)
  • How to Know If You've Got Her
  • The Best Places to Pick Up Girls in Different Locations
  • How You Can Dress to Attract Hot Indian Girls (And It's Not Expensive)

It is your call

Whatever you decide, I'll be out hanging with one of my hot Indian girls. And if you do happen to see me out in the real world, do me a favor and don't come and talk to me. I'm having too good a time to be wasting time talking with a loser like you.

To Having a Hot Indian Girl on Each Arm,

The Indian Legend

Ordering Info

To order the I Want a Hot Indian Girl eBook by The Indian Legend today and gain access to my strategies, click on the link below to order through Paypal.  You can use any credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) on Paypal.  Paypal which is owned by eBay is the internet's premiere and largest payment processor.  You will receive INSTANT access to my program, which can be downloaded as an eBook in Adobe pdf format direct to your desktop in a matter of seconds.  (Note: Mac users will have to download it onto a PC) The cost of my program is a ridiculously low price of just $9.95.  This is the equivalent (as of June 9, 2008) of 425 Indian rupees, $10.15 Canadian dollars, 5 UK pounds, 6.4 Euros, etc.  You get the point.  You can order from any country through Paypal.  We're talking about the cost of a cheap dinner or a couple of coffees, and in return, you get strategies to attract hot Indian girls that you can use for a lifetime.  If that investment doesn't seem worth it, it's time for you to say goodbye and leave my website.  If you don't have $9.95, I suggest you get an education and get a real job.    

And for a limited time, you'll get the following bonuses for FREE:

  • Special BONUS Booklet entitled "The Online Guide to Increasing Your Chances of Getting a Hot Indian Girl".  I will offer you help and guidance on how to approach hot Indian girls that you meet online.  The strategies and techniques in this book alone justify my $9.95 price, and it is yours for FREE with the purchase of the book.
  • You will get a free subscription to The Indian Legend's e-zine/newsletter which will contain all the latest tips, tricks, strategies and techniques which I continue to develop to attract hot Indian girls.  I normally offer this for $36 per year, but is yours for FREE.
  • You will get lifetime free updates to my eBook so will always get the latest & greatest information about how to pick up Hot Indian Girls
  • Discounts and exclusive access to The Indian Legend's seminars and events where you can learn first hand and in-person ways to attract Hot Indian Girls

As I said, $9.95 is a ridiculously low price for this life-changing information along with the free bonuses. I feel like I'm practically giving you the keys to the kingdom here. That is why I am only TESTING this price for a short while to see what kind of response it gets. I have sold this program very successfully at $24.95, so don't be surprised if you return later and see it back at full price.

Compared to the money you spend on drinks, internet sites, dinners and those other "relationship gurus" or even the $100 junk flooding the internet, my program is extremely inexpensive for a program that is far superior.  Plus, putting the money aside, this is your chance to go from your pathetic loser self to someone worth something.  If you are still thinking about whether $9.95 is worth spending, I think it is time to say goodbye.  Hot Indian girls don't like cheap idiots and either do I. 

Face it, if you can't afford $9.95 to change your life, you deserve a miserable, pathetic existence, and I don't want you to ever return to my website. So if that's the case, LEAVE NOW. Buh-bye.

I reserve the right to increase this price at any time back to the $24.95 where it sold very successfully.  So don't be surprised if you return and see it at a higher price.  I plan on increasing the price in the next couple of weeks so to lock in this absurdly low price, you need to ORDER today. 

You should know that I take orders 24 hours a day so you can order The Indian Legend's "I Want a Hot Indian Girl" program even if it's 3:00am.  You will receive instant access to the eBook.

Click Here to Order

*NOTICE* - Anyone who distributes illegal copies of the Indian Legend's, or uses our trademarked/copyrighted Indian Legend text and/or images without permission will be reported to their billing and/or hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will follow with a federal copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To date we have successfully prosecuted 8 parties.


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